Be a School Bus Champion

Since the first all-steel school bus was built in 1930, it has been providing safe access to school for millions of students nationwide. It’s easy to take the school bus for granted, but the school bus needs champions like you continue to serve. Budget restraints can lead to reductions in school bus services, affecting students’ safe access to school and impacting communities.

There’s no question that the school bus plays an important role in thriving communities. Support is key in maintaining school bus ridership in your district. So, what can you do to protect the school bus in your area?

If you are interested in becoming a champion for the yellow school bus, please fill out this form.

Write your Newspaper

If you believe writing your local paper in support of school bus service is the best way to Love the Bus, we hope you use ASBC and our website as a resource. Each local paper has its own rules regarding submitting letters, but most can be found near the Letters to the Editor section in the paper itself. 

Follow whatever rules the paper lays out exactly, and make sure you have read your letter over a few times before sending it off. After it is sent, call the newspaper to assure that it was received.

Tips for writing a great letter:

  • Be concise. Short letters that are direct and on message are usually published first and foremost.
  • Acknowledge the issue and why it affects you and your community.
  • Have your facts. Use ASBC for any information. If what you need is not on our website, please contact us directly.
  • Propose a solution to the issue.
  • Close your letter on a strong note, using your personal situation to make the message that much more powerful.

Report a Community at Risk

If you know of a community considering school transportation service cuts, please report it here.

Speak out for the School Bus

ASBC has created a custom Power Point presentation that can be given to any audience needing to hear about the vital importance of the school bus. ASBC has edited the presentation into five, ten, and 30-minute versions so that you can give the most efficient presentation possible. You can download the presentation by clicking on the links below.

10 Minute Powerpoint Presentation

The Yellow School Bus: Helping the Environment, Gateways to Safety, Keeping Kids Safe

30 Minute Powerpoint Presentation

The Yellow School Bus: Helping the Environment, Gateways to Safety, Keeping Kids Safe

Reach Out: The American School Bus Council appreciates your interest and wants to hear from you. Please email us with any questions, thoughts, or suggestions at, or sign up for updates.