School buses safely deliver more than 25 million children to school each day.


School buses reduce traffic and are environmentally-friendly.


School buses increase access to learning, and make life easier for students, parents and educators.


In February, through Love the Bus, ASBC recognizes the bus drivers who help drive students to future success every day.

Mission: To educate parents, school officials, lawmakers, and the public about the essential safety, environmental, and equal-access benefits of the yellow bus.

The Drive Behind the Industry

National School Bus Safety Week

Coming together over a commitment to school bus safety.

Spotlight on Drivers and Technology

The latest news and developments about the school bus and its drivers.

Love the Bus Campaign

Participants say “thank you” to the yellow bus in many ways.

Learn the Facts. Play it Safe.

In collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), ASBC developed resources to help educate parents, educators and communities about the benefits of the school bus while promoting safety, and support. 

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