What can parents do to help keep kids safe on and off the school bus?

The American School Bus Council is working hard to keep children safe, but there are things you and your child can do to take an active role in staying safe.

  • Walk your child to and from the bus stop. If possible, wait with him or her until the bus arrives.

  • Be alert to traffic. Check both ways for cars before stepping off the bus.

  • Wait for the bus driver’s signal before crossing the street.

  • Walk in front of the bus; never walk behind the bus to cross the street.

  • While waiting for the bus, stay in a safe place away from the street.

  • Before leaving the sidewalk, look for the flashing lights.

  • Never go under the bus to retrieve something you’ve dropped.

  • Teach your child the importance of staying seated on the bus.

  • Get to know your bus driver. He or she is a trained professional who sees your child every day; he or she would be happy to tell you about the safety features on the bus and the responsibility drivers have for keeping their young passengers safe.

  • Get to know the parents of other riders. You will learn about the other children your riding along with your child.