How are school bus drivers trained? Can they be trusted with my child?

School bus drivers are the most highly trained, tested and scrutinized drivers on the road. All school bus drivers must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and must pass written and skills tests to obtain a School Bus Endorsement.

Once they have their licenses, drivers receive specialized classroom and behind-the-wheel training in driving a school bus, student loading/unloading procedures, student evacuation, student behavior and security management, and emergency medical procedures. School bus drivers are carefully monitored by the school district and/or company that manage school bus fleets to ensure that they continue to meet strict safety standards.

In addition, all school bus drivers are required to participate in pre-employment, random and post-accident drug and alcohol testing, undergo frequent driving record checks, and pass periodic medical exams to ensure they are physically qualified. Many of these drivers also must pass background checks prior to employment.