School Bus Industry Asks “Where Would We Be Without the Bus”?

As kids head back to school, the school bus community encourages families to consider the benefits of riding the yellow school bus.

Washington, DC (August 23, 2011) – With students and parents preparing for the return to school, the American School Bus Council asks families to sit down and discuss their transportation options. The trip back to school always involves planning and preparation, and perhaps no conversation is as important as assuring children’s safety.

“Keeping children safe is the first, middle, and last priority of school transportation. When parents put their children on the bus, they’re trusting that their children will return to them safe and sound,” said Bob Riley, executive director of National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services and member of the ASBC. “Every school day, the school bus repays that trust over and over again. Simply put, the school bus is the safest way to get to school.”

 The federal government has even compiled statistics supporting school buses as the safest transportation option. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, students are nearly eight times safer riding in a school bus than in a car.

Like many parents, the American School Bus Council knows the school day begins and ends when children get on and off the school bus. It is clear that learning does not stop until students say goodbye to their bus driver. Once children board the bus, they are more likely to get to class than walking to school, taking public transportation, or driving themselves. Taking the bus decreases truancy, and consequently, increases the likelihood of children doing well in school.

As back to school preparations continue, the American School Bus Council supports families sitting down at the dinner table and making sure their children will get to school safely. The beginning of the new school year brings great opportunity, and the school transportation community looks forward to another safe and enjoyable school year.

About the American School Bus Council

The American School Bus Council is a coalition of the school transportation industry -- including public and private transportation providers, school bus manufacturers and state officials responsible for pupil transportation. Council members are committed to providing safe, effective, efficient and healthy transportation for the more than 26 million schoolchildren who ride more than 480,000 school buses each day.

The Council’s members include NAPT (National Association for Pupil Transportation), NASDPTS (National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services), NSTA (National School Transportation Association), Blue Bird Corp. of Fort Valley, Ga., IC Corporation of Warrenville, Ill., and Thomas Built Buses of High Point, N.C.

The American School Bus Council was formed in 2006 to educate parents, school officials and lawmakers about the essential role the yellow school bus plays in the safety, health, security and readiness of America’s schoolchildren. Council members advocate for increased school transportation funding and advances industry standards on safety, security, environment, energy and access to education that are above and beyond state and federal law.


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