ASBC Recognizes TN State Trooper Ray Robinson as School Bus Champion

Max and Robinson Award

Nashville, TN (March 4, 2014) – The American School Bus Council recognized Tennessee Highway Patrol Lieutenant Ray Robinson with a School Bus Champion Award during the General Session of the 2014 Transporting Students with Disabilities & Preschoolers National Conference.  Lieutenant Robinson is the head of the Pupil Transportation Division of the Highway Patrol and also serves as Tennessee’s chief safety inspector for school buses.  His myriad responsibilities over school buses have led many to refer to him as a de-facto state director for pupil transportation.

 Max Christensen, President of the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) presented the award on behalf of ASBC before a packed room at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.  He said, “Lt. Robinson has earned a reputation as a stickler for safety, valuing a thorough inspection process, and doing all he can to ensure that every Tennessee school bus is in tip top shape from a safety perspective.” 

 Max Christensen Introduces Lt. Robinson

Lt. Robinson expressed his gratitude to the school bus community for the Award.  “To someone who works a lot with oil and grease, there is no bigger honor than to be recognized by your peers”, he said.  He also talked about the massive responsibility he feels to keep kids safe on the school bus, saying “It’s easy to stand up in front of a group in a state trooper uniform and say a few words.  It’s much more important to go out and to make a difference in the lives of our children and our school systems.”

 Lt. Robinson accepts the Award

Lt. Robinson is the first law enforcement official to receive a School Bus Champion Award since the recognition program’s inception in 2013.  Past recipients are:

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • The State of Utah
  • Slain bus driver Charles Poland, Jr.
  • Renowned school bus contractor executive Dale Krapf
  • Washington State’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn
  • Mr. Dorn’s Chief of Staff, Ken Kanikeberg

 The Award recognizes exceptional support for and advancement of the school bus industry.  Recipients include individuals and entities whose leadership has produced demonstrable positive outcomes for the communities they serve, as well as the industry as a whole.

 Award recipients stand out in their advocacy for pupil transportation and prove to be leaders in at least one of the following categories:

  • Safety – For example, student movement tracking programs, student behavior monitoring programs (anti-bullying), fleet repair and maintenance, and staff training
  • Access to Education – For example, expanding school bus service or maintaining existing service in the face of budgetary pressure to increase walking radii
  • Environmental Benefits/Stewardship – For example, the pursuit and application of green technology, pollution reduction strategies, and anti-idling policies.
  • Community Impact – For example, community-driven events and programs, relationship-building and partnership with local emergency response personnel

 About ASBC

 ASBC is a coalition of public and private transportation providers, school bus manufacturers and state officials responsible for pupil transportation. It promotes the safety, environmental, and equal access to education benefits of the iconic yellow school bus.  The Council’s members include NAPT (National Association for Pupil Transportation), NASDPTS (National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services), NSTA (National School Transportation Association), Blue Bird Corp. of Fort Valley, Ga., IC Corporation of Lisle, Ill., and Thomas Built Buses of High Point, N.C.


  1. Carlisle Beasley's avatar
    Carlisle Beasley
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    Ray: Proud of your accomplishments in making Tennessee School Buses safe.Your leadership is appreciated by all.

  2. Veronica Norfleet's avatar
    Veronica Norfleet
    | Permalink
    Congratulations Ray! You deserve this award because of the excellent job you do each day to make sure our students are transported safely. We are so very proud of you!

    Veronica Norfleet
    TAPT President
  3. Bryan Nash's avatar
    Bryan Nash
    | Permalink
    I can,t think of a better person to receive this award. We are all proud of the job you and your staff do for the students of Tennessee

    Bryan Nash
    Crossgate Services
  4. Laura JAWORSKI Shaw's avatar
    Laura JAWORSKI Shaw
    | Permalink
    👍 Congratulations!!!!! You deserve this plus MUCH more!!
  5. Larry Holland's avatar
    Larry Holland
    | Permalink
    Congratulations Ray for the award. You deserve it! Any problems we may have, we can go to you and your help is endless.
  6. Joshua Hinerman's avatar
    Joshua Hinerman
    | Permalink
    Lt. Robinson,

    Let me begin by saying congratulations on receiving this great honor! I cannot imagine where we would be as a Pupil Transportation Industry in Tennessee without your stellar leadership! Thanks for all you do and will continue to do to help promote and preserve the yellow school bus in Tennessee!
  7. Debbie Rike's avatar
    Debbie Rike
    | Permalink
    I am so pleased by the honor and recognition you have received. No one could have more passion to provide for the safety of all our children. I realize this is not just a job for you but a privilege to serve. We are so lucky to have you!

    Debbie Rike
  8. Bob Warren's avatar
    Bob Warren
    | Permalink
    Ray is my nephew and I have always been very proud of him. For my fellow VOL fans, he played at center.
  9. randy adams's avatar
    randy adams
    | Permalink
    You deserve it you do a wonderful job you always there to help us
  10. Curley Jackson's avatar
    Curley Jackson
    | Permalink
    I am proud and honred to serve with such a professional and humble law enforcement officer. This is wonderful.
  11. Cory Compton's avatar
    Cory Compton
    | Permalink
    Ray, I always remember you as huge fan of school buses and their primary purpose to get our precious children to and from school safely. Thanks for your service and congrats!
  12. Marisa and Brian Weisinger's avatar
    Marisa and Brian Weisinger
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    Congratulations Ray! So well-deserved!
    Marisa and Brian Weisinger
  13. Brad Holley's avatar
    Brad Holley
    | Permalink

    I am very proud for you and you most certainly deserve this award. I am looking forward to seeing you in Daytona in June for the SESPTC. Tennessee is very fortunate to have you at the helm!!
  14. Sherry Dotson's avatar
    Sherry Dotson
    | Permalink

    Yes, you certainly deserve this award. So proud of you!

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