WI Governor Announces School Bus Driver Recognition Week

Gerry Sonnabend, President of The Wisconsin School Bus Association recently sent an announcement stating that Governor Scott Walker has proclaimed the week of February 13-17, 2012 as "School Bus Driver Recognition Week." The proclamation states that more than 15,000 school bus drivers in Wisconsin travel over 82 Million miles yearly in transporting more than 600,000 pupils to and from school daily, in the safest form of surface transportation in Wisconsin.

This is wonderful news for the school bus community and the state of Wisconsin. The more we work to have state officials recognize the importance of student transportation, the more we promote the message of the school bus as a vital part of the educational system. ASBC wants to thank the Wisconsin Bus Association for their efforts on this and for working hard to promote Love the Bus month.

If you know of other proclamations such as this, pleas contact ASBC so that we can promote it and get the word out.


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