Virginia Celebrates Love the Bus Month with Statewide Celebration

We have been so lucky this year to see Love the Bus events all across the country. One of the biggest and best was in Virginia on Feb. 16th. Thank you to the VAPT and everyone in VA for coming out and supporting the humble yellow school bus. You can see their release below:

The Virginia Association of Pupil Transportation (VAPT) in cooperation with its business partners hosted the first statewide LOVE THE BUS celebration at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 16th. The rally took place in downtown Richmond at the historic Bell Tower in Capitol Square. A reception followed at the Darden Memorial Garden. Students and pupil transportation officials from across the Commonwealth gathered at the capital to celebrate the institution of the iconic yellow school bus, and highlighted the vital contributions pupil transportation plays in Virginia’s public education mission.

Organized in conjunction with the American School Bus Council, LOVE THE BUS festivities will be held by yellow school bus fans across the nation during the month of February. These events are designed to raise public awareness of the important safety, economic, and educational benefits of pupil transportation.

Environmental benefits provided to communities daily by the effective, cost saving school bus include the following:

  • School buses are designed to be safer than passenger vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury.
  • School buses are the safest mode transportation for getting children back and forth to school.
  • School buses keep an annual estimated 17.3 million cars off roads surrounding schools each morning.

During the event, both state and national representatives shared their stories of affection for the yellow school bus as well as the challenges currently facing the task of safely carrying Virginia’s school children to and from school each day. Highlights of the festivities included displays of LOVE THE BUS themed artwork from local school children, and musical performances.  Attendees also had the opportunity to step aboard several modern school buses to see firsthand the features which make the school bus the undisputedly safest mode of ground transportation in the world.


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