School Bus Council to Attend National School Board Conference

This coming weekend the American School Bus Council is headed to Boston, MA for the National School Board Association 2012 Conference & Expo. According to their website, NSBA’s mission is "working with and through [sic] state associations, to advocate for equity and excellence in public education.” Clearly, ASBC’s message should resonate with any organization committed to equity and excellence in education, and we could not be more excited to take our message to these critical decision makers.

As you know, ASBC has seen school bus service being jeopardized across the country. From drastic cuts, to school bus fees, to roll backs and re-routing, school boards are making decisions that make our children less safe and our communities less vibrant. ASBC hopes to inform school board members about the benefits of student transportation and the inherent value the school bus has within our education system.

In case you are attending the conference, ASBC will be at booth #919 with a whole assortment of promotional materials, including buttons, ASBC Champions presentations, and Love the Bus t-shirts. If you cannot make it to Boston, please be on the lookout for pictures and insight on both our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We hope to have a great show and look forward to convincing a few school board members to Love the Bus!

-the American School Bus Council


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