NC Superintendent Rides Yellow to Love the Bus

Love the Bus Month continues to reach more and more people. Recently, North Carolina Superintendent June Atkinson celebrated Love the Bus Month by riding yellow and making some new friends. ASBC wants to thank all who participate in our Love the Bus campaign.

Story courtesy of News 14 Carolina [2/15/2012]:

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- This week, school districts across the state are taking time to thank the people who get our kids to and from school safely. Each day about 13,000 buses hit the roads carrying our most precious cargo. Wednesday, one bus driver had a very special rider.

"It's really fun for me to get on the bus in the morning and ride with elementary kids to school.” said N.C. Superintendent June Atkinson. “I made new friends, Allison and Elena and they were very talkative and told me how much they love math and science.”

While getting to meet some students was a bonus, Atkinson says she rode the bus to highlight just how important bus drivers are.

“We are celebrating all of the safety of our school buses," she said. "We have 13,000 buses rolling everyday taking 785,000 students to school.”

This week districts across the state are taking time to thank school bus drivers. It's a part of Driver Appreciation Week and Love the Bus.

“It's about valuing school bus transportation and the safety it brings, how green transportation is on school buses and it's about celebrating what we do in school bus transportation in the United States,” said WSFCS Transportation Director Rhonda Fleming.

She says she's excited that Atkinson could be here to help them celebrate. “We have 115 school districts in the state of North Carolina and she chose Forsyth County. So we're excited,” Fleming said.


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