ASBC Supports the Bully Project

Great news! Student advocates recently launched a major anti-bullying initiative. 

DoSomething.org has launched a national campaign to promote and support the March 30th release of “Bully,” a documentary film which captures in graphic detail the significance and impact of bullying in our schools.  A preview and other details about this film can be found at http://www.thebullyproject.com

Please visit the site to support the film and learn what we can do to help stop bullying.

DoSomething.org motivates teenagers to become active in various social causes. The group’s slogan is “Using the power of online to get teens to do good stuff offline.”  Everyone from celebrities, major corporations, non-profits, and other interests are involved in the organization’s efforts to encourage young people to be more engaged in events that affect them.  Tens of thousands of teenagers participate in their campaigns, and as a result, DoSomething.org has become a potent voice for people under the age of 25, especially teenagers.

Their activities surrounding the release of “Bully” are likely to create heightened local interest about bullying and bullying prevention, particularly in school transportation. 

Thanks to the US Department of Education, there is a website that provides a variety of tools to help school systems improve the school climate and prevent bullying. 

Please visit the Safest and Supportive School Webinar for additional information.

We all agree bullying is unacceptable: on the bus, at school, or anywhere in the community.  It is an insidious problem that has affected all aspects of society.

Please help us prevent bullying, particularly in school transportation.  Your support of the national student transportation community’s efforts to eradicate bullying will ensure the yellow school bus remains the most effective and efficient way for kids to travel to and from school each day. 


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