Mentor and Friend

Mentor and Friend

I love my bus driver because he or she is a...

...Mentor and Friend

My favorite bus driver is Mrs. Push who drives bus 41. She is the most fun laid back type of bus driver you can get. I rode her bus sixth and seventh grade and a little of eight grade. Mrs. Pugh was the type of bus driver who you could talk about anything with. She is not an uptight type of bus driver, but she is caring and respectful. The reason I love my bus driver is because the years I rode her bus she was that caring person. I see most bus drivers would write you up to get you thrown off the bus, but Mrs. Push would reason with you. I do say if you did not follow her rules, she would then write you up. Everyone on the bus got along with her. Everyday we would all sit up to the front and talk about different things, laugh, and just talk and enjoy ourselves. To sum it all up, the reason why I love my bus driver is because she is caring, loving, kind, and respectful. I could probably go on and on about why I love my bus driver, Mrs. Pugh, but really these words describe why I love her.

Submitted by Jae'Ques Brown
Student, Greenville High School
Greenville, SC

My favorite bus driver is Mrs. Denise Grant. Her bus number is 04-6. Mrs. Grant is the best bus driver ever! Mrs. Grant is my favorite bus driver because she is understanding. She cares for the children on her bus, and she drove me to school and to home safely and on time. Mrs. Grant is a very nice woman. Every day she'd ask how I was doing. She'd ask how my little brother was doing, and she'd ask me how my day was going.

Submitted by Dannah Acreman
Student, Greenville Middle School
Greenville, SC

I love my bus driver Mrs Darline Jaco bus # 73 because she is my granny... Mrs.Darline is a good bus driver. She can drive really good.She is always smiling and has a happy school bus. I hope she will be my bus driver until I get out of school.

Submitted by Brittany Jaco
Student, Spring Hill Middle School
Spring Hill, TN

In my elementary years I attended Tuslaw Local Schools outside of Massillon, OH. I wanted to thank my bus driver, Helen, for everything she did. She was truly the best driver I ever had. Sometimes I would leave my trumpet on the bus and instead of leaving it on the bus when she finished her route she brought it back to my house. Also, in the 6th grade I fell sick to a severe case of the flu and was hospitalized for a week. She and the other students on my bus made a huge card with a picture of our bus on it and signed their names with little get well messages. I've since moved away and I am now attending a neighboring district so I'd just like to thank her once again!

Submitted by Jeff Green
Student, Northwest Local School District
Canal Fulton, OH

I like my bus driver sue because she always make me laugh and happy. On Christmas she gave me a little stocking with candy like she did with the others. I also like my bus driver because if someone is harassing someone she put a stop to it so no one gets hurt. Sue is the best

Submitted by Susan Thistle
Student, Bath School
Harrod, OH

I love my bus driver because she is my mom. My mom drove a school bus for the Shelby County Board of Education in Shelby County, Alabama for 25 years. She first started driving the bus when I was in Middle School. Once I reached high school, she drove the band bus on Friday nights. There are so many stories that can be told about my mom and her bus. She started out driving bus 69-10 as you can tell a 1969 model.

We always had to travel down a dirt road call the Piney woods road. One day while she was driving down the road and blowing the horn at the houses, when she rounded the curve, there stood the biggest bull you have ever seen. Well come to find out he thought that the horn on the bus was the horn that his owner blew for feeding time. There it was mom and bus verses bull. That crazy bull would not move until he was feed. Finally Mom was able to blow the horn enough and inch the bus enough to make him move.

My mom made so many good friends while driving that bus and took us to many exciting places. She drove that bus with dignity and pride.

Submitted by Tracy Bentley
Accounting, Shelby County Schools
Columbiana, AL

I love my bus driver, Shelly, because she is really funny and safe. She is always nice to people when their Mums are not there.

Shelly is always excited when you tell her your news. She always gives you treats when it is a Holiday.

Submitted by Aine O'Toole
Student, Puesta del Sol School
Bellevue, WA

Our morning bus driver Jodi Miklos is the best bus driver and friend! My kids love to ride the bus because Miss Jodi is kind and helpful in every possible way! Miss Jodi and I have also become good friends. It is a wonderful feeling as a parent to put your kids on the bus in the morning, especially in bad weather, knowing they have such a caring, careful, and professional bus driver! Miss Jodi has the biggest heart around and we count her as a blessing in our lives!

Submitted by Amy Wentzel
Parent, Grove City Area School District
Grove City, PA

For a year I drove a school bus route on a curvy road next to a river. Almost every day as I passed a certain house, a tiny girl would be in her front yard and give me a big wave as I passed. The girl was so cute, I always enjoyed this daily encounter. I found out later her name was Zoey.

The first day of the following school year arrived. I was driving this same school bus route and approached the bus stop next to the little girl's house, looking for my new kindergarten student. There was Zoey, all dressed in a pretty new dress, carrying a small schoolbag, waiting for the school bus.

I activated the appropriate bus lights and made the stop. Zoey waited for my signal and crossed the street in front of the school bus. She came to the bus door and began to climb the steps very carefully due to her small size. As she reached the top step, she stopped and, with big wide eyes and with all the exuberance and importance the small girl could gather, said to me, "I've been waiting for this day my whole life."

I still smile each time I think of Zoey's first day on the school bus.

Submitted by Linda Coen
School Bus Driver
Brevard District School, Cocoa, Fla.

My first week of driving a school bus and now it won't go! There we were, stuck in front of the house of the last pickup and I had a full load of three wheelchairs and seven walk-ons. The bus was sitting there with the transmission's lights all flashing; it has a digital readout you see, no gear shift stick or anything like that.

I announced to everyone the replacement bus had arrived and we had to change buses. Jessica, a sweet Korean girl in a wheelchair asked inquisitively, "Why do we have to change buses?" I didn't want to panic them with this change so I said, "Rachel is going to have a baby & she has to use this bus to go to the hospital." Rachel was the pink stuffed animal pig that I had Velcroed to the wall of the bus along with some other animals, to use as a tool to help calm the children in case of an emergency. This certainly was an emergency! We had Tigger the Tiger, Amanda Panda, Gigi Amoroso, a grey Italian mouse & a scarecrow girl named Treeleaf who liked to kick people & misbehave. Rachel was known as Rachel the Kosher Pig.

Jessica looked up at me from her wheelchair, with an indignant voice & with hands akimbo announced, "Well, where's the father?" Everyone laughed. I nearly fell over. Soon after that I bought another pig & hot glue gunned a bowtie on him. Jessica named him Troy.

All good things come to an end and the year ended and we had to say our good-byes. We had a Tiki party to celebrate the end of the year with real fruit cocktail, ice cream & a pineapple juice drink. I bought some Tiki & tropical looking Hawaii type decorations at the shop. I sighed a lot that day.

I get kids walking up to me at the store, the mall or at McDonalds and take my hand, look up and say, "You're my sister's school bus driver." Yeah, I thought, I'm a school bus driver.

Submitted by Robert Fox 
School Bus Driver
Cherry Creek School District, Aurora, Colo.

As a young girl in the 1960's, we didn't have many material things but we had a lot of love in our family.

One Christmas, our parents were invited to dinner with our Pastor and other couples from our church. I remember crying as they were getting ready because I knew they would have a good time and I wanted to go too.

It was dark outside and as my parents were preparing to leave, there was a knock at the door. We were so surprised to see Mr. Haddock, our school bus driver standing at our door. In his arms, he carried a large box full of fruit, candies, and toys for us. We were all so excited as this was certainly unexpected.

I too became a bus driver and yes, like Mr. Haddock, I have knocked on student's doors and delivered bags of fruit & candies to my students to share the joy of Christmas giving.
I think of Mr. Haddock during Christmas holidays and wish I could thank him for the joy he brought to my heart that Christmas night.

Submitted by Mary Helen Ancira (Soriano)
School Bus Driver
Texas School for the Deaf, Austin, Texas

One day at the beginning of the school year on my kindergarten run, I had a little boy who wouldn't say anything to me at all. So I just kept saying "Hello" and "Good Bye."

One day in March, he stopped at the door as he was getting off at the school and just kept looking at me, so I asked if there was something I could help him with. He replied, "I want a tissue." So I reached over into my compartment and handed him a tissue. He then broke out in big tears.

So I tried again, and again he said, "I want a tissue." While he was still sobbing, I pushed my driver's seat back and asked him if he could show me what he wanted. This time he reached up to my cheek and gave me a kiss, repeating "I want to tissue" (meaning I want to kiss you).

I later found out that he had a lisp and seldom spoke, but after that day he said "Hello" and "Good Bye" to me.

Submitted by Rosemarie Chesley 
School Bus Driver
Freeport, Maine

My bus driver's name is Mrs. Sleeter. There are many reasons why Mrs. Sleeter is such a great bus driver. She knows hot to make the bus feel safe, neat and quiet. Mrs. Sleeter is simply a great bus driver; she knows and has the bus driver qualities to give her children a great ride to school and back.

Mrs. Sleeter is very nice; she is also very generous. On Christmas, she3 gave everyone a candy cane to brighten up their smiles. She just has a way with children, she knows how to bring their spirits up and get excited for another day of school.

In conclusion, I think my bus driver is great with her job because she is kind, generous, stern, sweet, determined, and has a great imagination. Thank you, Mrs. Sleeter.

Submitted by Allan Haggai
Manager, Center for Education
Thomas Built Buses, High Point, N.C.
Student story by Emily Antrilli

My bus driver is Mrs. Brogan and she drives me to Whiton Elementary School e very day. She is a special bus driver because she keeps us safe and happy.

Mrs. Brogan keeps us safe by teaching us bus evacuations and she gives us thumbs up when we are crossing the street. She makes all of us happy by playing fun music like "Cotton Eye Joe!" She also gives us gifts on special holidays like pencils and crayons. I love my bus driver because she is the best bus driver in the whole world!

Submitted by Allan Haggai
Manager, Center for Education
Thomas Built Buses, High Point, N.C.
Student story by Erica Gagliardi

My bus driver, Mrs. Oliphant, at Shepherd Elementary School, is my favorite bus driver because she's caring, absolutely responsible and she gets me home and to school safely.

When I feel like I can throw up, she gives me a bag. She also lets me listen to my awesome music with my CD player. She always lets me do my homework on the bus. She is responsible for getting me home on time. Plus, she is responsible for all of us. Also, she is responsible for everything on the bus. I absolutely love Mrs. Oliphant!

Submitted by Allan Haggai
Manager, Center for Education
Thomas Built Buses, High Point, N.C.
Student story by Katie Gibson

Kurt Anfinson, or "Norske," is a special bus driver. He is not only my bus driver, he is a cake baker. When it is my birthday, he makes my cake.

Norske is always nice to whoever is on the bus-- he even has a couple laughs from us once in awhile. Otherwise, he is concentrating on the road.

He has had to put up with kids for a lot of years. Norske isn't married, so we are his kids. When we ask him for a certain station, he tries to make us laugh by changing the music to polka, his favorite.

Submitted by Allan Haggai
Manager, Center for Education
Thomas Built Buses, High Point, N.C.
Student story by Nicole Lansing

My bus driver is Mr. Billy Bob (or at least that's what we call him) and here are some reasons that I think my bus driver is special!

I think Mr. Billy Bob is special because there is a kindergartner named Dylan on the bus, and Mr. Billy Bob lets Dylan get off first because he has had problems with other kids pushing him. To make Dylan feel special, Mr. Billy Bob lets Dylan open the bus door when we get to school.

If we want the radio louder or softer, we just ask and Mr. Billy Bob will do it. Sometimes he will even let us talk on the bus radio!

Submitted by Allan Haggai
Manager, Center for Education
Thomas Built Buses, High Point, N.C.
Student story by Tyler MacDonald

I am in second grade. I like to ride the bus. I like my bus driver, Mrs. Leeta Vinson. She is a very happy bus driver.

She makes sure I have my seat belt done right. She makes me happy if I am sad.

She gives me a stickers and a toy on my birthday. This year she had a special surprise and made a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake for me; I was so excited.

Mrs. Vinson is the best driver in the whole world.

Submitted by Allan Haggai
Manager, Center for Education
Thomas Built Buses, High Point, N.C.
Student story by William Burnett