Community Impact

Fact: School Buses Make Communities Better

The consistency and routine that school buses provide our community cannot be measured. Students are picked up on time, arrive at school on time, and return home safely at a specific time every school day. Parents plan their schedules around their children’s comings and goings, traffic patterns fluctuate with the school bell, and rarely does anyone even notice how something as simple as a school bus influences how we live. Cutting school bus funding will not only be putting students at greater risks going to and from school, but will impact the lives of parents, teachers, and community members in untold ways.

With all of the benefits to students, parents, and the community it is easy to forget that school districts and school bus companies also employ school bus drivers and technicians. School bus drivers are the most highly trained, tested and scrutinized drivers on the road. They are trained specifically for transporting children to and from school. School bus drivers have the ever-important job of protecting children, and we should not casually disregard their work. Bus drivers, technicians, and administrators are valuable members of the education team, and their vital role in our community should be assured.