Access to Learning

Fact: To Succeed in School, You Have to Get There

For many, the school day begins and ends when children get on and off the Yellow School Bus. It is clear that learning does not stop until students say goodbye to their bus driver in the afternoon. It does not take thorough analysis to see that once your child boards the bus, they are more likely to get to class than when they are driven or drive themselves.

Taking the bus decreases truancy and increases the likelihood of children doing well in school. If half the battle is showing up, the Yellow School Bus is helping us win that battle.

According to the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin:

Some solutions to students' truancy come from the answers to perhaps the most important survey question: "Why were you truant from school?" Twenty percent said they missed the bus. (Berger, William and Susan Wind. “Police Eliminating Truancy: A PET Project.” The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin: Feb. 2000. Link)

Without school buses, families would have yet another obstacle impeding their children’s education. Some parents might be able to drive, but others would be forced to let their children get themselves to school, essentially gambling with their children’s safety and well-being.

We all know that if students are not attending class, they cannot achieve. Increased truancy leads to worse grades, and therefore, worse communities. The Yellow School Bus increases access to learning, and makes life easier for students, parents and educators. School buses are not just a safe and convenient way to get to school, but a vital instrument in keeping our children in the classroom and improving our education system.