The Environmental Benefits of the School Bus

One school bus carries the equivalent number of passengers as about 36 cars. In fact, the school bus transports more than 26 million students to school each day. Like other forms of public transportation, the school bus provides benefits to the entire community—not just to those who ride.

Without the school bus, all those additional cars on the road would mean higher emissions and more dangerous concentrations of pollution in the air. Lungs would be breathing about an additional 56.5 billion pounds of CO2 annually. That’s more CO2 than a 747 would emit during a century-long flight! And the environmental benefits have only gotten better each year as student populations grow and school buses become even cleaner due to strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

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News Article
Keolis Canada Becomes the Largest Operator of 100% Electric Type C School Buses in North America



Environmental Protection Agency
The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act of 2010 (PDF) (7 pp, 133 K, January 2011) allows EPA to offer rebates in addition to grants to reduce harmful emissions from older, dirtier diesel vehicles. The rebate program has funded vehicle replacements or retrofits for over 600 vehicles to date. Typically, the rebate application period opens in the fall and projects are completed in less than one year.

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